When all you have is memories…

When all you have is memories…

When all you have is memories, they sometime seem to fade,

Be it the birth of a child or your first Christmas parade.


There are those that are solid, firm, to the mind seem real,

And those that are distant, obscure and hard to reveal.


Memories, like the floating, always changing clouds in the sky,

Have no rhyme or reason for appearing, in your minds eye.


Fleeing fast is a child’s laughter, that has left your side,

Replacement, sight and sound of all the tears cried.


Everyday, the mind works, memories come and they go,

Forgotten, reminded, memories are life’s ebb and flow.


The tree, the presents forgotten, but the smile you remember,

Creates the pain that comes, with every December.


When a voice becomes difficult, a strain to recall,

“Love you too dad,” is the most cherished one of all.


My mind is old and my memory, well, getting weak,

Never forgotten, the beautiful freckles that covered your cheek.


When words and sounds are long forgotten, and your face is all I see,

Somehow I will smile, because I know you are still right here with me.


Memories come and go like the ever changing wind, 

They can be your enemy, but also your best friend.


Memories like a summer storm they can catch you by surprise,

They can make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes.


Memories are all I have now that we are apart,

My favorite one of all, the size of your heart.


When all you have is memories, they sometime seem to fade.


This photograph was created by a wonderful friend, Shan Sperduto.

I could never thank her enough for allowing me to take one last walk on the beach with Lindsay.









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