At the end of the day…

At the end of the day…

Did you ever notice when we look at certain things there are no words needed to understand? This world has turned into a world of logo’s, meme’s and eye catching “hooks” for people, products and wears. I can be in the middle of Time Square and see a swoosh on a sign and know that Nike is sold in that store. If I see a MK I know it is a Michael Kors store and so on. I know what bathroom to go to by the shape of the person on the sign. There are symbols that tell you which way to go, how to get there and how long it will take. Universal signs that span continents for all to understand. Everything and everybody has some kind of label. It could be race, sexuality, intelligence, religion, or any number of things that cause other people to see us in certain way. It is almost like we need to categorize everything, we can not just see it for what it is. I spent all day yesterday with a part of my family enjoying the pool and the beautiful sunshine. It is so nice when there is no judgement, no categorization, and people can enjoy each other for who they are. Not that I don’t think of Lindsay every day, it is days like yesterday I think of her even more. She would have enjoyed it so much. All the stories, the laughter, the swimming, the sunning, and the food. That girl did love to eat. Yesterday, was a good day. There are so many people in this world that live their life for “things, possessions, stuff, money.” When I was younger I thought the same way, the more I had or the more I could get  the better off I would be. Money, and possessions meant power, popularity, and it meant security. In my opinion so many people today are stepping on the people that matter as they try to climb their way to the top. They are forgetting the people that held out their hand to help them take that first step on the ladder. Later in life those same people being to realize the ladder has no end, there is always another position, another person to step on, another life to effect. When they see that the pot of gold is not at the end of the rainbow or the rise to power left them cold and alone they begin to look at that climb to the top. They look long and hard, all the way down to the bottom of that ladder they fought so hard to climb and there is their family. The family that never forgot them, never left their side, the family that loves them. Grief, in its own way, has this same ladder. Each rung of this ladder has its own pain, its own loneliness, its own depression. Some rungs try as parents keep all sorts of memorability from our children on all the activities and their school accomplishments. We keep their clothes from the day they were born and the trip home from the hospital. The pictures, we take millions of pictures, and thank God we do. We have drawers full of cards, colored pictures, drawing and movie tickets. In my case when you lose a child you display a lot of these so you can remember. So we can remember every day the one we lost, but I also have as many reminders of my son. Grief can destroy your for love for life and and the will to carry on. The ladder of grief never ends, it will allow you to climb forever, step after heart wrenching step. When the day comes and you realize you can’t go on, you are tired of climbing, when the last bit of desire has left your body you look down, you look toward the people that are there to catch you when you fall, your family. Yesterday was a “catch me day.” Yesterday made me realize, even more, that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, when the lights dim and and you are about to close your eyes, family and friends are all that truly matter.




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