The Right Path

The Right Path

The feeling of uncertainty, not knowing if you are taking the right path, not heading in the right direction, not doing the right thing. When I lost Lindsay I felt every one of these feelings, these emotions, almost everyday. You wonder if all you do is worth it, if all you do is being noticed. If all you are doing to try and reach the people that need the help you are trying so humbly and simply to give are getting it. If all you do is respectful to Lindsay. Is it carrying on her legacy? Does it paint an accurate portrait of her life and her personality? You wonder if twenty years from now, will people still remember Lindsay Michele Benton? Then one day you wake up, make your way through the trials of the day, rush home after work to clean up and head to a meeting about T-shirts. This meeting, this day, like so many others, confirmed that we as a family, are doing the right thing, we are heading down the right path to carry on Lindsay’s legacy. Let me back up a little.

I was looking for a different vendor to produce the T-shirts for this years volleyball tournament. We were in no way not happy with last years shirts, I just wanted to make a change, try a new company, add new faces to the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation family. I began to research the numerous local companies in Wilmington, not so much for price but for a feeling, a feeling of family, a feeling of sharing. I read every history of every company, how they started, their mission statements and their passion for what they do. When I read Fred Meyers, president and founder of Queensboro Shirt Company’s story I knew I had found the right place to make the shirts. His statement, “Helping People Share Who They Are with the World.” The company’s core values clinched the deal in my mind, “Always do the right thing. Value relationships above all. Innovate and have fun!” I asked Kelli to contact Queensboro and set up a meeting so we could get an idea of cost and to see if they maybe interested in becoming a sponsor for the tournament. On our first visit we met with Allie and told her the story behind the foundation, Lindsay’s story. After we went through all the choices we agreed on the shirts and Allie was going to send us a estimate for the order. Before we left Allie mentioned that we should apply for the monthly charity donation that Queensboro provides to a non-profit organization. So when we arrived back home Kelli went online and applied. We were in hopes of getting a discount and nothing more. The application said the donation was awarded on August 6th this month. and the winner would be notified by email. Kelli kept checking the foundation email for any kind of notification about their monthly donation. The foundation board, myself, Kellie and Kelli, had already decided to go with Queensboro regardless of the donation outcome. On August 7th we received the email, the Lindsay M. Benton Foundation had won Queensboro Shirt Company’s monthly donation. We were thrilled, but still unsure of what we had won. After Kelli emailed Savannah back this was her reply, “What you’ve WON is an entire FREE order from Queensboro. We’re going to make sure that all of your apparel needs are met for your event! Feel free to stop in and talk with me! I’d love to meet you! Some of us here at Queensboro remember when tragedy struck your family and it’s very important to us that we are here for you in whatever way we can be!” We could not believe what we were reading. What a wonderful act of kindness. All we were looking for was a possible discount. As I sit here and write this I still can’t believe the generosity of this wonderful company. I could not wait to back to Queensboro to meet Savannah and get started on the final preparation. To top off the day, later that evening I received an email from an employee at Queensboro. After I read it I knew in my heart we had made to right choice. This is the email as I received it,

“Dear Mr. Benton,
My name is N… and I am working at Queensboro. I just learned about your loss and I started to read your blog. I am very sorry and I wish you all the best someone can wish to another human being. I am a mom of a 9 years old boy and I wanted to say that I am very proud of you. Please forgive me because of the lack of any sophistication, my first language is not English. I am heartbroken and can not stop reading your words. I wish you all the best and peace in your heart. I hope one day you will find a little peace. I can not imagine the pain you are going through. All my love from my heart goes to you and your family!
With all of the love of my heart,

I made it a point to meet this employee the day we meet with Savannah. With tears in both of our eyes we hugged and talked about Lindsay and her son. She told me she read every blog I have written in one day. That touched my heart in so many ways. 

Thank you to Queensboro and your employee’s, not only for your amazing financial donation, but for reminding us that we are in fact, on the right path.





3 thoughts on “The Right Path

  1. Yes , I read your blog again . May God continue to send messages to you from others that he uses so you are given comfort and peace .


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