My Dance

My Dance

Last night, I went to a wedding.  Since Lindsay passed away weddings have been, well let’s just say, not easy. They bring up so many, never going to happen, never going to see, never going to do moments. It is always hard for me to watch the bride walk in with her father, arm in arm, with smiles gleaming from the joy of the day. This walk they take encompasses her entire life from the first time her father held her until today, when he will answer that question with, “Her mother and I.” When the music starts and those doors swing open everyone has all eyes on the bride and mine where no different. As beautiful as she was and as happy as I was for her, I had already witnessed the walk I was there to see, her mother.

The ceremony was very sweet, it always is when you see two young people in love and  starting their happily ever after. We were able to have a wonderful time talking to all the friends and family of the bride, and the food was great. After we ate and visited with everyone the music picked up and the dancing began. As we sat and watched all the fancy dance moves, I could just imagine Lindsay leading everyone in whatever the latest dance craze was. It was by far the most bitter sweet wedding I have attended to date. If you noticed, earlier I said I was not only there for the bride but for the mother of the bride. You see, when the bride’s mother walked down that aisle, so did Lindsay. When I was able to dance with the bride’s mother, I danced with Lindsay.  This mother of the bride was the recipient of one of Lindsay’s kidneys. She will always and forever carry my girl with her. What a blessing to see Laura and Elliot exchange vows, to watch Eric walk his daughter down the isle and to watch Jill and Eric’s son, Matt, walk Jill and Lindsay down the aisle. Last night I was as close as I will ever be to seeing Lindsay walk down a wedding aisle and as close as I will ever be to having our dance.

wedding JIll



My dance with Jill.

My dance with Lindsay.







Thank you, Eric, Jill, Laura, Elliot and Matt, for allowing us to be a part of this joyous day.

As I was leaving, I was talking to Eric, the bride’s father, and he introduced me to his mother. He told her, “This is Brad Benton, without him, and his daughter, Jill would not be here.” Could not ask for a better way to end the evening, remembering Lindsay during this beautiful wedding.

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